FAQ: Peeple - Caller ID for your front door
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What if I have a doorbell?

We plan on releasing a set of accessories: doorbell switch, lights, motion sensors, door chime, and many others. These accessories will pair with your Peeple and communicate with it. Every door has a different configuration and it's important to us that you can customize your set up to work with every situation. Ultimately, we plan to replace the doorbell. In essence, the doorbell or door chime will be your phone! Last updated: Thu, May 14 2015 1:45 pm EDT

No really, what happens when someone presses the doorbell instead of knocking (or doorbell question part 2)?

The first couple of prototypes of Peeple had doorbell connectors. The extra wiring was a pain and Peeple kept missing deliveries, because even with a doorbell UPS kept knocking! We have a fundamentally different philosophy on how your front door works. We spent over a year simplifying Peeple - getting it right. We did field tests and made a lot of mistakes, but our key philosophy was to satisfy the tenet of providing ‘Caller ID for You Door' Now, back to your doorbell. Why do you have it? It is there to amplify whatever that person is doing outside your door to get your attention. It’s there so you can hear them. What if the doorbell chime was on your phone instead of in the hall (or wherever it is in your house)? Wouldn’t it be cool to hear your door chime even if you weren’t home? For example, if you are in the back yard or traveling in another country and someone comes to your house, you will know. That’s what Peeple is. Your door chime is your phone. But Peeple is better than a smart doorbell, because with a doorbell if someone wants to, they can avoid it, vandalize it, and/or steal it. Peeple attaches to the inside of your door and they will never know you have it unless you want them to know. You might find yourself disabling your doorbell after you install your Peeple. But, this won’t happen overnight and that’s why we will have doorbell accessories. Last updated: Tue, May 26 2015 1:19 am EDT

How is it powered?

Peeple uses a rechargeable battery. We have selected a battery that will last 6 months between charges with average use. The battery will take up to 4 hours to fully recharge. User testing might lead us to change this spec and we may choose to use non-rechargeable batteries that hold their charge longer. If we do, we will select batteries that are low cost and commonly available. Last updated: Thu, May 14 2015 1:47 pm EDT

What are Peeple's dimensions?

Peeple is 84 mm in diameter (approx. 3-5/16") and is centered on the peephole. This dimension should not get any larger but may get smaller as we refine the design. Peeple's overall thickness is about 32 mm (approx. 1-5/16"); the door bracket is about 12mm (approx 1/2") with the camera unit making up the rest. Last updated: Thu, May 14 2015 1:45 pm EDT

What if I want to look through the peephole?

We designed Peeple to keep the elegance and functionality of your existing peephole intact. You simply lift the Peeple camera unit off the bracket and look through the peephole. After looking, you can snap the Peeple back into place, no tools needed. Last updated: Thu, May 14 2015 1:45 pm EDT

How does Peeple stick to glass on my door?

We intend Peeple to be attached to glass using a removable adhesive. We are currently researching several commercially available products that use a variety of methods for achieving adhesion. We anticipate extensive testing to ensure a final product that will withstand extremes of temperature, humidity and door movement. If the removable solution fails to perform as intended we may have to use a permanent adhesive instead. Last updated: Sat, May 16 2015 2:41 pm EDT

Why are you only shipping to North America? Where's the love for Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.

We are concentrating on North America for our first run of Peeples. We definitely plan to offer Peeple globally and are excited at the possibilities! However, we will need to get certifications in those countries and will need time to set up our cloud infrastructure to work efficiently in each geographic area. Last updated: Thu, May 14 2015 2:06 pm EDT

What kind of peepholes does this work with?

Peepholes (the ones you purchase at places like Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.) work by screwing one lens piece into a bracket piece. This allows the peephole to fit tightly in variable width doors. We take advantage of this design to hold the Peeple affixed to the door. The main difference between peepholes is the diameter of their shafts. Peeple has a patent pending attachment mechanism and adjustment washer that lets it fit these variable diameters up to one inch (the monster peephole). Last updated: Thu, May 14 2015 11:18 pm EDT

Can Peeple send a notification to more than one phone?

Yes! Peeple works with as many phones/tablets as you'd like, android and iOS. Last updated: Fri, May 15 2015 12:44 pm EDT

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